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Class Action against Mercedes-Benz alleges Concealed Danger in Active “Safety” Feature.

Santiago Burger LLP appeared as co-counsel for Mercedes-Benz drivers nationwide in a class action lawsuit filed Friday, August 30, 2019. The Plaintiffs allege that hundreds of thousands of Mercedes Benz vehicles equipped with “NECK-PRO” “active head restraints” suffer from a defective design causing the headrests to deploy spontaneously. The alleged anti-whiplash feature was intended to rapidly spring forward and catch an occupant’s head in a rear-end collision. But a cheap plastic part is known to fatigue and fail without warning, striking occupants under normal driving conditions. The failure creates a grave risk of injuries and accidents that endanger both occupants and others sharing the roadways. The Complaint further shows that Mercedes-Benz knew of and concealed this defect from its consumers.

Read the full Complaint here.

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