The attorneys at Santiago Burger LLP are admitted in all courts and districts of the State of New York.  They are well versed in the rules of practice and procedure in federal and state courts in New York and help out of state co-counsel avoid procedural pitfalls that can trip up even the most seasoned attorneys.


The attorneys at Santiago Burger LLP have practiced in state and federal courts throughout the State of New York and often serve as local counsel to out-of state lawyers and law firms litigating in the state.  We understand the complex area of multi-party litigation and are able to assist in a variety of matters brought as class actions under Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and/or Article 9 of the Civil Practice Law & Rules of New York as well as collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act or the Equal Pay Act.


Many of the legal matters referred to Santiago Burger LLP come from other law firms and practitioners in our community.  When these firms experience client conflicts or require detailed knowledge in a particular are of law, we are often the attorneys our colleagues call upon.


At Santiago Burger LLP, we work to understand the client's case and the role out of state attorneys envision local counsel will play from the outset.  Recognizing that thins change, sometimes unexpectedly, we remain available to assume whatever role necessary to ensure that the matter is handled efficiently, with the proper allocation of resources.  From the initial investigation, through pleadings, certification and discovery, to settlement and/or trial, our skilled attorneys are able to provide custom-tailored levels of service to out of state co-counsel and clients.

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