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The attorneys at Santiago Burger LLP have experience in a variety of employment litigation matters:

  • harassment, discrimination and disparate treatment claims

  • retaliation claims

  • unfair competition claims

  • non-compete agreements

  • wage and hour claims

  • independent contractor classification

  • wrongful termination

  • whistleblower actions

Work Interview


Employees seek our assistance when they need help to understand their legal situation and guidance on how, and whether to, pursue a legal claim.  Where appropriate, our attorneys can limit their role to that of an advisor, analyzing problems offering advice, drafting documents and, in general, remaining in the background to achieve a less confrontational negotiation process.  We are frequently called upon to directly represent employees in contract or settlement negotiations and, when required, litigate claims in New York and federal courts.


The attorneys at Santiago Burger LLP have experience defending large and small companies in employment related matters in state and federal courts.  Our attorneys have helped numerous employers defend claims pending before the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New York State Division of Human Rights.  We assist employers in developing policies and practices, counsel them on best-practice approaches to minimize risk, and aid in the preparation of employee handbooks as well as separation agreements and releases.

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