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Business Insurance and COVID-19

     Business owners need insurance safeguard against the various risks they may face.  When most people think of business insurance, they think of property and general liability coverage.  There are, however, other types of coverage available under many policies.  It’s important for business owners to understand these types of insurance and timely notify the carrier of a loss to seek the protection they need.

Coverage for the financial costs of a temporary shutdown.


Protection against revenue loss or extra expenses that result from circumstances beyond your control.


Protection from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business.


Protection for your business' buildings and personal property.


Coverage for loss of business income when a government entity denies access to the insured's property


Protection in the event of claims by third-parties.


     It is important to know that insurance policies have a number of terms, conditions and limits which affect whether a loss is covered under an insurance policy.  Whether an insurance claim is covered depends in part on the interpretation of the policy.

     At Santiago Burger LLP, our attorneys have decades of experience counseling and representing clients with insurance law and coverage-related issues.  Call or email us and let us help you identify whether your business is covered and advise you how to submit a timely and adequate claim to your carrier.

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