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Current Clients

The nature of law is uncertain.  Judges do not always agree.  We handle every case with this knowledge, simultaneously “speaking” to both the trial and appellate Bench.  Judges do not always agree. Appeals can be a natural stage in the life of a case but an appeal is only as strong as the foundation laid in the trial court.  Our robust litigation practice is guided by this reality from drafting a lawsuit, conducting discovery, and seeking a judgment, to filing a persuasive appellate brief.


Perhaps the most prized benefit of our work is the trust we have earned, particularly from colleagues who are well-suited to evaluate our performance.  We are grateful to the judges and lawyers who allow us to serve their clients, family and friends.   It is especially rewarding to collaborate with other attorneys when their clients face unexpected discrete issues that call for a nuanced and aggressive response.

Amicus Curiae

When the interests of our clients may be affected by litigation to which they are not a party, we are able to assist with "friend of the court" briefs to aid the appellate court in determining the proper outcome of a case by offering legal analysis and perspective that the parties to the action have not fully provided.

Appellate practice involves different skills than trial practice.  Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended complex appeals before New York State County Court, the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Term, the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, the New York State Court of Appeals, and United States Circuit Courts of Appeal, and a substantive application to the United States Supreme Court that garnered national attention and multiple amicus curie briefs. 


Not every case is concluded at the trial court.  Nor should every decision be appealed.  But being prepared to fight affords our clients the best opportunity to obtain a favorable resolution, litigated or otherwise.

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