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Labor Law Litigation


Property owners and general contractors may be subject to strict liability for accidents that occur on their construction sites. Most construction site accidents, including “falling worker” and “falling object” claims, are subject to the rigid and unrelenting provisions of the New York State Labor Law. In order to properly protect themselves against claims brought on behalf of an injured worker, it is critical that members of the construction industry have experienced defense attorneys capable of minimizing risks and avoiding liability.


We pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective and aggressive defense to construction and Labor Law claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors in the defense of claims arising out of construction site accidents.


At Santiago Burger LLP, our attorneys are skilled in performing comprehensive factual investigations as to the cause of the accident and utilizing other professionals, including vocational rehabilitation specialists, construction safety experts and an assortment of medical personnel, to assist in the defense of these claims. Our knowledgeable attorneys recognize the complexities associated with construction site accidents, understand the law governing these claims and are intimately familiar with the interaction of various trades involved on all types of construction projects. This knowledge, coupled with our attorneys’ experience in counseling construction clients on insurance-related issues, risk assessment, loss prevention and loss shifting has allowed us to successfully defend all types of construction site claims.