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Employment Litigation


We understand that employment disputes in the workplace can have a profound impact on personal and professional lives. We pride ourselves on helping clients cope with the emotional and legal burdens of a lawsuit.


The attorneys at Santiago Burger LLP offer their time, confidentiality, skill and the support that every client needs when confronting employment issues.


Employment law is based on a complex interaction of state and federal laws designed to establish the rights and obligations of both employers and employees in the employment relationship. In general, workplace rights are diverse and complicated, applying to employees, job applicants, and former employees, often involving complex laws and regulations.


For Employees


We’re available to help you understand your legal situation and guide you through the process of pursuing a claim, if legally advisable. We can limit our role to analyzing problems, offering advice, drafting documents, and, in general, remaining in the background to achieve a less confrontational negotiation process.


More often than not, however, we directly represent clients in contract or settlement negotiations; and, when appropriate, we will aggressively litigate claims New York or federal court.

If you’re having problems related to your employment, contact us today. The sooner you know your rights and options, the better.


Independent Contractors or “Contract Employees”


Another method improperly used by employers to avoid paying benefits and overtime is to categorize an employee (or a group of employees) as an “independent contractor”. If the employer controls the functions of the job or retains control over hours, equipment, training, what work is done, or a host of other issues, the employer may be incorrectly denying employees from getting overtime, workers compensation protection, benefits, or even unemployment insurance coverage. If you believe that you are being unfairly labeled and independent contractor, call us today.


For Employers


We have experience defending large and small companies in employment related matters, including New York State Court and Federal Court. We’ve also helped numerous employers with claims pending before the EEOC and the New York Stated Division of Human Rights. The time to secure counsel, even for general advice, is before you respond to a claim. We can assist employers with policies and practices, separation agreements and releases. If you are facing a possible employment situation, seek counsel today.