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Civil Rights Litigation

Civil rights laws are in place to protect all United States citizens from being subjected to all types of wrongdoing by our government. At Santiago Burger LLP, we share an unwavering belief in liberty and justice for all under the law. Our attorneys are aggressive advocates and have successfully litigated claims on behalf of our clients involving violations of civil rights under both state and federal law.

At Santiago Burger LLP, our civil rights litigation practice includes representing clients in matters such as:

  • First Amendment (Freedom of Speech and Assembly) Violations;

  • Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms) Violations;

  • Fourth Amendment (Search and Seizure) Violations; and

  • Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment (Due Process) Violations.

When laws abridge these and other fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States and New York State Constitutions, our way of life is at issue. These are the important principals that first kindle American’s interest in the law. Although these cases are never easy, there is nothing like standing up for your rights.